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Architectural Drawings

Our Architectural Drawings: Submission file according to bylaws, Ground floor plan, first-floor plan, excavation plan, foundation detail, Door and Window details, Floor framing plan, Roof framing plans, Building section, Wall sections, Roof sections, Kitchen details, Toilet details and Reflected ceiling plans are also drafted in 2D. We also provide architectural 2D house plans in CAD according to a particular city code. Our drafting & detailing services are offered to Architects, Engineers, Construction companies, General contractors, Landscapers and Interior designers across the globe.

Design Build Services

Design-build provides both architecture, engineering and construction resources under a single contract. The owner works directly with Waris All about buildings a single entity for cost control, quality assurance, schedule adherence, and performance of the finished project. This results in clearly fixed responsibility, maximum cost control, and immediate responsiveness.
The client can exercise his or her desired degree of control over design with the added advantage of continuously knowing the cost implications of each decision. The client’s control of the entire process is strengthened by contracting with a single firm that is unconditionally committed to the success of the project.

Contract Negotiations

As contracts are legally binding agreements, the terms of which can be enforced in the event of non-compliance by one of the parties, it is important that negotiations are thorough and detailed

The contract sum.

The start and finish dates.

Flexibility to modify the building programme.

Ability to claim extensions of time or damages.

The time frame for payments.

Insurance requirements, warranties and bonds.

The scope of work and duties.

Valuation of payments and variations.

Testing and inspections.

The use of subcontractors or sub-consultants.

Novation of consultants or consultant switch.

Interior Design

We design and intensify for anyone who wants to have a more beautiful life. Whether your taste is contemporary or modern or a mix of both, we provide the innovation of each wall for interior and change it to a masterpiece with the best space planning, and utmost cleverness, influenced by appealing elements and designed with a splendid technique for you to live comfortably and with style.

3D View

When we talk about crafting, shading or giving a smooth texture to a beautiful 3D image of a bungalow Making two-dimensional images and animation depicting the intricacies of a proposed architectural design for a bungalow seems like a herculean task. At Waris, our design team makes the process a lot simpler by giving you photo realistic elevation designing services for your dream Home.

Waris Architecture

Leveraging the power of design to create a better world. We believe in Creative & Flexible Design Standards.

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